We sell asphalt millings.

We Sell Asphalt Millings from our Projects

Union Concrete regularly produces millings on its construction projects. If the millings cannot be reused on the project, Union Concrete offers them for sale. Millings can be picked up from the project site or delivered to you.

How It Works

Call Us Today about Asphalt Millings.

See our step by step process:
1. Reach Out

Give us a call today about your interest in Millings. Union Concrete will provide current millings and trucking prices.

2. We'll Put You on Our List

Union Concrete will keep your information about how many loads of millings you're interested in and your location.

3. We'll Call When Millings Are Available

When Union Concrete has a project with millings available in your area, we'll call to confirm your interest and quantity and arrange for delivery or pickup.

4. Millings Delivered

Union Concrete will deliver millings directly to you. Millings can also be picked up from the stockpile upon arrangement.

Give us a Call About Millings Today.

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