Union Concrete is committed to ensuring everyone on our projects gets home safely each and every day.
Safety Overview

Safety is paramount in all that we do.

Union Concrete’s deep commitment to safety is essential for the well-being of its employees, clients, and the public. Union Concrete recognizes that safety is not just a compliance issue, but a core value that guides the company’s actions and decisions at every level. The company’s safety focus extends from its tradespeople all the way up to company ownership. Union Concrete regularly invests in safety training programs, provides the necessary protective equipment and gear, and conducts regular safety audits and assessments. The company also has a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential safety hazards, both on the job site and in the office.  It prioritizes safety culture by promoting a collaborative and transparent work environment where employees can report safety concerns or incidents without fear of reprisal. In addition, Union Concrete regularly reviews and updates its safety policies and procedures to ensure that they are aligned with the latest industry standards and best practices. By putting its commitment to safety into practice, Union Concrete ensures that everyone involved in its projects, including employees, clients, and the public, gets home safe every day.

The Safety Process

Our Safety Process starts from the ground up.

Union Concrete’s safety program begins with the individual responsibility of each and every employee. Every worker is accountable for prioritizing safety in all of their actions and decisions. Every day, Union Concrete’s employees remain focused on identifying the four key hazards of falls, being struck by objects, getting caught in between equipment, and electrocution. By doing so, they are able to effectively minimize the risks of these hazards in their work. Union Concrete’s collaborative and transparent culture fosters an environment where all employees feel comfortable sharing their safety ideas and concerns. This open communication between all levels of employees ensures that everyone is integrally involved in the company’s safety program. Through this approach, Union Concrete empowers all of its workers to take an active role in creating a safe and healthy workplace for themselves and their colleagues.

1. All employees responsible for safety

All employees responsible for identifying hazards, with focus on falls, struck by, caught in between and electrocution, in their work tasks. Crews meet regularly to discuss hazards and collaboratively develop mitigations.

2. Regular site inspections drive accountability

Union Concrete’s safety professionals regularly visit and inspect each of our jobsites. These inspections foster a culture of accountability and ensure that crews are appropriately identifying and mitigating hazards. Inspections are also a great time for task specific training.

3. Safety Committee sets overall safety program

Union Concrete has a safety committee with representatives from all the company’s different trades and all levels of management. This committee sets the company’s overall safety program. This ensures that safety policy has buy in from all employees and acknowledges the realities of the jobsite.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR)


Our strong safety performance is showcased in our low EMR.


Building a Culture of Safety:
The Crucial Role of Training

Union Concrete’s commitment to safety training is a cornerstone of the company’s culture. Each winter offseason, the company’s Safety Committee takes a proactive approach to identify key areas for improvement and prioritizes targeted training for its employees. The company achieves this by bringing in industry experts to conduct detailed and in-depth trainings on a variety of topics such as trenching and excavation, first aid, and rigging. The Safety Committee continually evaluates the upcoming projects and the skills required to successfully complete them, ensuring that employees receive exposure to a broad range of safety topics and avoid repetition. Union Concrete’s training program supplements the comprehensive training programs offered by the respective union training halls. This dual approach to safety training provides Union Concrete employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate safely in a variety of construction environments, ultimately enhancing the company’s ability to deliver projects efficiently and safely.

Union Concrete’s Safety Program is Battle Tested

About a decade ago, the company had an EMR over 1. In response, Union Concrete underwent a complete overhaul of its safety program. The results of the new safety program were remarkable. The company’s EMR plummeted to 0.76, a testament to the effectiveness of the revamped safety program. Union Concrete’s safety program has become a cornerstone of the company’s operations, promoting a culture of safety that ensures the well-being of employees and the success of projects.

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