Jet-Vac Truck Service

Union Concrete’s Jet-Vac truck performs pipe cleaning and hydro excavation.

Jet Vac Truck Service For Your Project

Union Concrete’s Jet-Vac Truck and experienced operators can perform hydro excavation and pipe cleaning services for your project. Hydro excavation helps prevent damage to existing facilities when excavating in challenging conditions.

How It Works

Use our Jet-Vac Service.

See our step by step process:
1. Reach Out

Union Concrete will discuss the needs of your particular project and your schedule requirements.

2. Quote Provided

Union Concrete will provide a project specific quote. Most Jet-Vac service is performed on an hourly basis.

3. Work Performed

Union Concrete's Jet-Vac truck and an experienced operator will come out to your project to complete the work.

4. Invoicing

Union Concrete will invoice for the work based on the terms of the quote provided.

Let's get to work.

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