Athol Springs Section 103 Shoreline Protection/Storm Damage Reduction Project

Along Lakeshore Road (NYS Route 5) in the Town of Hamburg
Project Type
Project Owner

US Army Corps of Engineers

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Project Overview

Remember the "Ice Car" that went viral back in January of 2016?

The purpose of this shoreline project is to create damage control for such natural phenomena that inherent to the Lake Erie shores of western NY, and just so happens to be exactly where the notorious car received it’s 5-minutes of fame.

Project Stats

19,970 Tons of Armor Stone
Armor Stone consisted of boulders up to 3′ in diameter at 3-4 ton per stone.
10,219 Tons of Underlayer Stone
project highlights

Key project highlights preformed.

Route 5
Union Concrete established a 1,325 linear foot armor stone revetment against the existing seawall to absorb and protect the shoreline and the 22,000 daily patrons of this section of Route 5. 
A promenade-like splash pad was placed as a buffer between the revetment and Route 5. The additional aesthetic treatments offer pedestrians a leisurely stroll during better weather.   
Hauling Armor Stone
Subcontracted under construction manager Ryba Marine Construction Co., Ryba transported the armor stone via barges across Lake Erie. 

Let's get to work.

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